*** September 1, 2021 ***




Operation Wounded Warriors is undertaking a new Mission.  It is called Operation: Homeward Bound and its objective is to end veteran homelessness in America once and for all! This is YOUR Call to Action!  Learn more about this Mission by clicking on the Programs Tab and then Donate NOW by clicking on the Donations Tab.


Dear Patriots:


Operation Wounded Warriors is taking on a new mission and we welcome your support. We have no choice but to take on an additional role to eliminate the growing, out of control problem that quite frankly has become a national crisis - and a disgrace! We are talking about the more than 67,000 homeless veterans in America based on the latest report by the University of Southern California. All of America should be outraged that over 1 in 10 homeless people in America are Veterans. All Americans must step up to the plate if we are to finally eliminate this problem. We are eminently qualified to accomplish this mission. For more than 6 years our organization has assisted hundreds of wounded veterans and their families through a wide array of programs, and we are extremely proud to report that in more than 6 years of existence we have a ZERO Complaint History.


There are many fine organizations assisting homeless veterans on a case-by-case basis, unfortunately it is only a Band-Aid, a temporary fix. The time has come to tackle Veteran homelessness on a bold, grand scale to eliminate this problem once and for all. Our organization has a comprehensive plan of action to do just that. This will be accomplished by utilizing an organized, systematic, and methodical approach to end this American tragedy. We call it Operation: Homeward Bound. Details of this mission are enclosed. We ask that you please take a moment to review it.


Success of this plan depends on a financial commitment from all Patriotic Americans like you. The time is now for everyone to come together to eliminate this disgraceful problem. It is the right thing to do!


For additional information please refer to the enclosed Operation: Homeward Bound Mission Details. We look forward to you becoming our Patriotic Partner in helping to end Veteran homelessness!


Thank you for your support!




*** May 1, 2021 ***


Operation Wounded Warriors, Inc. is proud to announce that Ms. Kerry L. Menzer has joined our team. She will serve as a Vice President in charge of Research & Development. She will also be working on many of our special fundraising events. In addition to those duties she will be overseeing all aspects of Operation: Homeward Bound which has a goal to end Veteran homelessness once and for all in the United States. Currently, there are more than 67,400 homeless Veterans. While many fine organizations have helped homeless Veterans over the years we feel that it is time to tackle this problem on a much larger scale.




*** Thanks to all of our new followers on Twitter! We have reached over 17,000!


*** We honor our Veterans on Memorial Day, July 4th and on Veterans Day. We also honor them on the respective birthdays of the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy and the Coast Guard. But what about the other 357 days of the year?


Our Veterans should be honored EVERY day of the year. But you ask, "how can we do this"? There are so many ways.


When you see a Veteran, THANK him, or her, for their service. Tell all of your children and grandchildren to do the same.


Say a prayer for ALL of our Veterans and for all those military members currently serving overseas to keep them safe and out of harm's way.


VOLUNTEER at a VA hospital. There are so many things you can help with at your local VA Hospital or Clinic.


If you are a Veteran, join a local Post of the American Legion or VFW.  If you are not a Veteran but a family member is a Veteran then you can join a Post as a member of the Men's or Ladies' Auxiliary. If there are no Veterans in your family go to a local Post and ask them to be a Volunteer. 


           HONOR ALL OUR VETERANS.... ALL THE TIME.... 24/7/365


*** Check out a great franchise opportunity from one of our new partners under

our Jobs Program section. It is a Veteran-owned company with a great reputation. It offers a very substantial discounts to our Veterans.


*** Veterans' Healthcare. Why can't our Veterans have the same access to the same hospitals, clinics and physicians that our politicians have? Haven't our Veterans earned the right to the very best healthcare available? ABSOLUTLEY!  Maybe it is time to consider giving ALL Veterans the option of receiving private vouchers so they can choose their own hospitals, clinics and physicians for their healthcare needs.


*** 100's of MILLIONS of $$$'s is being spent on  political campaigns by our candidates for POTUS, the Senate and our House of Representatives. Contact these candidates and ask them to donate just 1% of their campaign funds to their favorite Veterans' charity. This will prove whether they really support our Veterans or are just giving us lip service to garner support for their candidacy!


*** There are 22 Veterans' suicides EVERY day. This is an appalling and alarming statistic. Are our Veterans really being helped when this is happening? Americans should be asking their elected representatives why this is happening. Call or email them today and ask what THEY are actually doing to help our Veterans!


*** What are our Representatives and Senators serving on their respective Veterans' Affairs Committees actually doing for our Veterans? Ask them what is on their current agenda? Please call, fax or email these Veterans' Affairs Committee Members and ask what they are proposing to improve our Veterans quality of life! 









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